How To Submit a Video?

How To Submit a Video?

Suggesting a video for the site is rather easy. Either tweet a request to @laborcasting or send an email to our mailing list with a title of Suggested Video. We do ask that you search the site to make certain that the video is not already on the site.

How To Become a Contributor?

In most cases one of your videos must be on the site in order to become a contributor. Contributors have rights to post any videos to the site that stay on topic and that meet our general guidelines of not evil. If we've posted one of your videos and want to become a contributor, just let us know.

What Are Posting Guidelines?

Only videos may be posted. Embedded videos (e.g., YouTube) may not contain any additional text other than the title. Date posted is adjusted to the date the video was created.

Why No Comments?

We are urging people to comment on YouTube, Vimeo, msnbc or other sites hosting the videos. Join the community there and let the videographer see you comment.