Helping Laborcasting

It will take a community to make Laborcasting a success. So your help is appreciated.

Here is what we need as of Friday, March 4.

  • Logo. If you can create one great. If not, can you coordinate crowdsourcing a logo?
  • More videos. It is impossible for one person to follow all the protests, campaigns and events. So if we are missing a video, suggest one @laborcasting.
  • Feedback. Just let us know if you like what you see @laborcasting on tweeter.

Also, anyone can join this community in one of these roles:
  • Videographers. If you posting videos on YouTube or Vimeo and want to post them here as well, let us know.
  • Show watchers. If you watch a show every night like The Ed Show or even you local news, then we could use you as a contributor to post relevant videos on Laborcasting.
  • State watchers. If you are an avid follower of activity in your state, then we could use you as a contributor of state news.
Contact us @laborcasting on tweeter.